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BerlieDoherty Reading Elizabeth Jane Howard's The Light Years is like overhearing an entertaining non-stop saga on a train, about people you'll never meet

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BerlieDoherty Lovely walking along the river Goyt in the late sunshine dapple, and the banks pastel and pungent with Himalayan balsam.

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BerlieDoherty RT @lisbeverley: Wow! Just finished The Company of Ghosts @BerlieDoherty what a creepily vivid & romantic tale of adventure & self discover…

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BerlieDoherty @lisbeverley @AndersenPress Thank you!

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BerlieDoherty Three prawns the size of my arm glared up at me on my plate. Their armour defeated me.

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My newsletter

Berlie Doherty, 2011
Fri 28 Feb 2014

Hello everyone

Welcome to my website. Again, there’s lots of news for you, and I hope you enjoy reading about it.

Snowy by Berlie DohertyMy big news for this year is that Snowy is back in print, published by Troika. I’m really thrilled about the new look publication. It was always one of my most popular picture books, because everybody loved to read about Snowy, who was a real boat horse working the Chester–Llangollen canal. My story is about the little girl called Rachel, who lived on a narrow boat, Betelgeuse, which was pulled along the canal by Snowy. The fabulous illustrations are by Keith Bowen and that stunning cover is one of my very favourite picture book covers ever. Snowy won the Children’s Book Picture Book award.

Berlie with grandgirls: Kasia, Anna-Merryn and Eda

The grandgirls. Kasia is reading Snowy to Berlie, Anna-Merryn and Eda.

Narrow Boat Albert has written in his blog, “Snowy is one of the most delightful children’s books there is.” See what he says about the real Snowy and Betelgeuse on my Snowy page.

Welcome back Snowy!

The Company of Ghosts by Berlie DohertyThe Well-Dressed BandMy most recent novel, The Company of Ghosts, is proving to be very popular and I have enjoyed giving many readings around the country, assisted by music from The Well-Dressed Band and The Beekeepers.

Photo: Some members of the Well-Dressed Band

The Company of Ghosts is currently on the shortlist for the Sheffield Book Award. It will also be published in Brazil, and I’ll give you details of that when I have them.

Blue John by Berlie DohertySpellhorn by Berlie DohertyOnce again my post box has been very full indeed with your great letters. Many thanks to Jennifer Stanley who wrote to me from NSW in Australia about Spellhorn, and to Orchard School in Barton-in-Clay who wrote about Blue John, and sent me samples of their emotions palette, inpired by the book.

Jeannie of White Peak Farm by Berlie DohertyThank you to Chelsea Finlan of Tushingham School in Shropshire for her lovely Dimonizer story, and to Darcey Bell from Burbage Primary School in Buxton, who wrote to me about Jeannie of White Peak Farm.

Children from Elton Primary School in Derbyshire have written to say how much they all love Spellhorn. Thank you!

Naomi Day, a teacher from Bosham Primary School in Dorset, was kind enough to write to me about her love of Midnight Man and Blue John. Thank you for enthusing so many children with my books!

Street Child by Berlie DohertyRebecca Owen from Crestwood Park School in Kingswinford sent me a really enthusiastic letter telling me she’s my biggest fan! She has read a lot of my books but her favourite is Street Child.

Mrs Willis’ class at St Peter’s Primary School, JerseyMany children have written to me again about Street Child, sending me illustrations, new chapters, stories and poems and, of course, lots of questions! I’ve heard from Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School in Toxteth; Kestel Class at Studley St. Mary’s Primary School in Studley (they’ve been reading Children of Winter as well); Yr 5 from St Thomas Aquinas Catholic CP school in Stoke; Swans Class in Exning; Children from St Patrick’s Primary School in Workington have done many things connected with Street Child, including donating their unwanted toys to the Barnardo Appeal, which is wonderful. I had some very enthusiastic letters from Mrs Willis’ class in St. Peter’s Primary School in Jersey.

Samuel NisbetI was so impressed by Samuel Nisbet’s poem, ‘A Boy in Pain’, which was inspired by Street Child, that I have asked his permission to publish it here on my newsletter.


Star letterA BOY IN PAIN

Into the storm were tossed
Strange pieces of sound

The barking of a dog
Violently, viciously prowling on guard
Snarling at something, nothing, into the dark.

Into the storm were tossed
Strange pieces of sound,

A man shouting, barbarically bullying a boy
Crying out in laughter on his own
Thrusting a pale petrified face, into the dark.

Samuel’s posterInto the storm were tossed
Strange pieces of sound,

Of a boy in pain,
Squirming, squealing, sinking down …nervously
Quavering, tiny little voice
Courage lost
Wishing, but hopes lost, into the dark.


Thank you Samuel. I’m sending you your very own signed copy of Street Child.

Berlie Doherty busy writing in her studyMeanwhile, I’M VERY BUSY WORKING ON MY NEW BOOK. Although I take my work wherever I go, most of the new book is taking shape here, in my writing barn. As you see, I write by hand first, and then I build it up and transfer it to my computer. My laptop, behind me, has got some research material on it for me to refer to. And when I look out of that window, I see farm fields and the hills of the Pennines, with the Kinder Plateau just beyond. And what am I writing? I can now tell you that it will be a companion book to Street Child, answering the questions that hundreds of you have asked me: what happened to Emily and Lizzie? So far I don’t have a title for it, but hopefully by the next time I update my newsletter, I’ll be able to tell you what it will be called and when it will be available.

If you’d like to be kept up to date with my news, enter your email address in my web wizard’s box near the top of this page and I’ll keep in touch with you.

Happy reading!


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