A Beautiful Place for a Murder

The sudden crack! of a farmer’s shotgun echoed off the rocks, sending a clatter of crows up. The drone of insects was as heavy as a roll of thunder. And in Miss Lingworth’s kitchen silence; utter, utter silence.

An open door, a silent, empty house, and day breathing towards night. Long grey shadows. Under the trees, pipistrelles darting like tiny black missiles. I couldn’t get home fast enough.

A Beautiful Place for a Murder is a murder mystery/love story set in Edale, an idyllic valley in the Derbyshire Peak District. It’s very different in theme from anything else I’ve written, and I got the idea for it when I dropped my purse one day and it was returned to me under quite unusual circumstances. I originally wrote it to be a short story for an anthology commissioned by Five Leaves, but it grew and grew and was soon too long for the original brief. The first three chapters were published as an extract called Strawberry Wine in the anthology ‘In the Frame’. By this time I was hooked on the story, and went on to complete it as a novel. I knew how it would finish long before I got to the end of it, and I think that’s the only way you can write this sort of book.

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