Plays available on video:

  • White Peak Farm (BBC schools). Originally transmitted on BBC Children’s television, directed by Andrew Morgan. It is based on my novel about a farming family who begin to go their separate ways.
  • Children of Winter (Channel 4 schools). Based on my novel about three children who survive the Plague of Eyam.
  • Dear Nobody (adapted by Richard Cameron from my novel) (BBC schools)
  • Zzaap and the Word Master (BBC schools). Accompanied by a novel and story book, the adventures of two children trapped inside a computer game by Victor Virus.


Plays available on audio cassette:

  • The Water Babies (adapted from the novel by Charles Kingsley), with Tim West (BBC Audio Tapes)
  • Heidi (adapted from the novel by Johanna Spyri) (BBC Audio Tapes)


Full list of plays broadcast and performed:


For television:

  • White Peak Farm, BBC 1, 1988
  • Children of Winter, Channel 4, Jan 1994
  • Zzaap and the Word Master, BBC 2, 2001


For BBC Radio:

  • The Drowned Village, BBC Radio 4, 1980. My first radio play. This was a thirty minute play directed by Kay Patrick, and is a fantasy based on the drowned village of Derwent under Ladybower reservoir in Derbyshire.
  • Requiem, BBC Radio 4, 1982. Directed on location by Kay Patrick. This play began as a short story and later became a full-length novel (Penguin group). An Irish girl rejects her Catholicism, her home and her family as she tries to discover who she really is.
  • Sacrifice, BBC Radio 4, 1985. Directed by Kay Patrick. Began as a short story for Radio 4. A group of young people hold a weekend party in remote Scotland. They intend to sacrifice a pig, but one of the children goes missing.
  • There’s a Valley in Spain, BBC Radio 4, 1990. Directed by Kay Patrick. An adaptation from my theatre play Return to the Ebro, about a Manchester man, Sam Wild, who joins the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War. As an old man, he looks back on what mattered to him in his life.
  • Dear Nobody, BBC Radio 4, 1993. A dramatisation from my novel.
  • Dear Nobody, BBC Radio 4 schools
  • The Snow Queen, BBC Radio 4, 1994. Directed by Janet Whitaker. With Diana Rigg and Dirk Bogarde. A dramatisation from the Hans Andersen story.
  • Heidi, BBC Radio 4, 1996. Directed by Janet Whitaker, dramatisation from the Johanna Spyri novel.
  • The Water Babies, BBC Radio 4, 1999. Directed by Janet Whitaker, with Tim West. Dramatisation from Charles Kingsley
  • Unlucky for Some, BBC Radio Sheffield, 1980
  • Numerous short plays for BBC Radio Sheffield schools from 1979–1982


For BBC4 schools’ radio:

  • Home, BBC Radio schools 1982 (published) Unwin Hyman Education Stage Write, 1982
  • The White Bird of Peace, BBC Radio 4 schools, 1983
  • Morning Coach to Morgantown, BBC Radio 4 schools, 1983
  • A Case for Probation, BBC Radio 4 schools 1983 Hutchinson Education, 1986
  • Miss Elizabeth, BBC Radio 4 schools, 1985
  • The Mouse and his Child (dramatisation of Russell Hoban’s novel) BBC Radio 4 schools, 1986
  • Dream of Unicorns (later Spellhorn), BBC Radio 4 schools, 1988
  • The Sad Poet, BBC Radio 4, 1982
  • Children of Winter (dramatisation of my novel), BBC Radio 4 schools, 1988
  • Granny Was a Buffer Girl (dramatisation of my novel), BBC Radio 4 schools, 1990
  • Street Child (abridged by Alan Brown), BBC Radio 4 schools, 2003
  • Children of Winter (abridged by Alan Brown), BBC Radio 4 schools, 2004


For theatre:

  • Return to the Ebro, first performed Manchester Library Theatre, 1986
  • Dear Nobody, first performed Sheffield Crucible Theatre 1983. Directed by Mandy Smith. Winner of the Writers’ Guild Award for Children’s theatre. Collinseducation Plays plus 1996
  • The Sleeping Beauty, New Victoria Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent, 1993. Directed by Rob Swain.
  • Sleeping Beauty, performed widely.


Community theatre:

  • Smells and Spells, Sheffield, 1980
  • Howard’s Field, Sheffield Crucible 1979, (later Morgan's Field, CollinsEducation 1995)
  • Tilly Mint and the Dodo Dac, Doncaster schools tour
  • A Growing Girl’s Story, Yorkshire Art Circus tour, 1989
  • The Amazing Journey of Jazz O’Neill, Hull, 1984
  • Memories, Halifax, 1992

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