The Starburster stories

It starts on the day Tam’s baby sister is born. He doesn’t like her very much at first, but when Blue is stolen by fairies and replaced by a horribly ugly goblinny thing he wants her back more than anything else in the world – so much so that he sets off on a daring adventure to find her.

“Someone has to take her back to Faery, give her back to the king of the fairies, find Blue and bring her home,” said Great-grandpa Toby.

“I suppose so,” Tam agreed.

“And there’s only you can do it, Tam. My word, you’re a brave boy.”

“Me? But I can’t do that! I’m only nine years old!”

“Exactly. That’s why you have to do it.”

The starburster is a toy that’s a bit like a kaleidoscope, a bit like a telescope. When you look through it you see the world outside cut up into lots of dazzling shapes and sizes. It’s quite magic! I’ve got one, and I loved it so much that I bought one for my son Tim on his wedding day.

Oliver Mowbray and his starburster
Photo: Oliver Mowbray and his starburster

Oh, and then Tam gets a humming machine, and then he gets a windspinner, and he has to use them all in his exciting and magical adventures in Faery.

The Starburster stories is a bumper edition of three Tam stories – The Starburster, The Humming Machine and The Windspinner, which are all available individually as eBooks for Kindle or any other device.

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